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I can't live within you by ferasha I can't live within you by ferasha
The Escher Room scene is my very favorite moment in "Labyrinth". It's not just because it is accompanied by the most powerful song in the entire movie (and the only track written in a minor key), or because the visual reconstruction of Escher's upside-down-downside-up world is a masterpiece. It's also because the scene shows the exact moment of Jareth's defeat. His transformation in the Escher Room is almost heart-breaking. Gone are the camp, the swag and the rock star cockiness - he suddenly looks sad and tired, and beaten even though the final confrontation is yet to happen. But at the same time, he feels genuinely dangerous too, maybe even more so than before - it's as if you can pity him and fear him all at once. 

Funnily enough, even David Bowie himself believed the Escher Room to be the crucial scene of "Labyrinth". In the amazing book "Jim Hanson' Labyrinth - the Ultimate Visual History" (a belated birthday gift from my mom that came in the mail only a few days ago), they neatly documented what David Bowie had to say about it. "'Within You' is my favorite track," he revealed. "I had to write something that sounded like stone walls and crumbling power. The overall effect, with Jim's visuals, is, I think, very tragic and slightly disturbing."

But he had more to add on the matter: "It's so sad, I think, because Sarah really likes Jareth, but she must get her baby brother Toby back safely. So she has to reject all Jareth's pleas for companionship in his lonely world."

So, according to Bowie, Sarah actually really liked Jareth, huh? Sometimes, it's comforting to know that your idol happened to be a fellow shipper...


Full credits:
Costume planning by me
Makeup and wig styling by me
Armor by Shunak (pattern, bones, hot glue and EVA foam wizardry) and me (manual labor, details and paint job)
Collar and cape by Ana&Marina of She&She, details added by Shunak and me
Photo by Guru:
Post-processing by Shunak

Wacky-Cherry Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that crotch I can't XD
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October 22, 2016
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