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Endless Nights by ferasha Endless Nights by ferasha

Wrap up of a megalomaniac project we pulled off earlier this year - all seven of the Endless together.

Photo edit by Shunak.

Destiny by Dušman (who's not a cosplayer, but the editor-in-chief of Veseli četvrtak, a major comics publishing company - well, truth be told, after this experience he might BECOME a cosplayer)
Robes by Tenshi
Book and chain by Shunak

Death by me
Makeup and body paint by Ljubica Mirkovic Make up Artist
Costume assembled from whatever I could find in the wardrobe
Ankh comes from a thrift shop - they claimed it's actually Egyptian
Top hat bought in Prague in 2007 - it was chewed on by a friend's cat, which gives it that shabby look
And meet George, my pet skull - given to me by Shunak, my BFF, as a birthday gift

Dream by Endymion Craftsmanship & Cosplay (my cosplay partner with whom I have a penchant for doing siblings - be it the Endless or the Lannisters)
Makeup and body paint by Ljubica Mirkovic Make up Artist
Costume by Ana&Marina of She&She

Destruction by Putnik (another non-cosplayer who jumped into the project for his love for Gaiman's work)
Armor borrowed from Stevan of Plameni Vitezovi, who actually made it himself

Desire by Tenshi, a perfect choice for a girl specialized in bishounen and tomboyish heroines
Makeup and body paint by Ljubica Mirkovic Make up Artist
Costume mostly consists of my old business clothes - when I was younger, I had a thing to attend business meetings in power suits and ties

Despair by Pungeon Master, a very brave girl who did an amazing job with a character so difficult to pull off
Makeup, body paint and ring by Shunak
Rags by Endymion
She's wearing a horrible old Halloween wig of mine - one of those shabby old wigs that look like a dead animal - but it's just what the doctor ordered

...and last but not the least...

Delirium by Spam Master, who IS Delirium, with her bubbliness and randomness and crazy lil' fishes
Makeup and hair by me
Costume made from my old Goth clothes and whatever we found in the cheapest shops of our local Chinatown

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akathays Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
U guys are amazing!
Oracle9i Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
This is epic-tier cos-play. Everyone's costume and make up came out perfectly!
PirogoethsCosplay Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Jawdrop Wow does not begin to describe this. Amazing!
Jonathon471 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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